Our split with Nightfucker is coming out on March 3rd on Rope or Guillotine
You can listen to the Nightfucker’s Causeways on Rope or Guillotine Bandcamp page and pre-order a copy there


In a time where the modern human psyche often seems obsessed with evolution, advancement, expediency and a so called constant slope of increase, all too undervalued and unspoken on is the art of dismantlement. Reduction. The mastery of nuance and a deeper understanding of time. The ability to sit in a space, perhaps at times unmoving to feel the moments weight and presence. Perceptions of pacing are often equated aesthetically and symbolically: ‘Blistering hyper-blasts’ or ‘Molasses like doom’ – Yet, more important than anything, one should not be the often too quick to judge a concept based solely on the aspect of movement, but perhaps instead of intent, texture and feeling.

Both of these bands exist as far deeper sums of what is often a quick to categorize sound, and display that innovation, atmosphere, and overall feeling from the result is still the most crucial aspect in the fire of creation regardless of pace, time, or space.

– Brandon Hill (Cloud Rat / Fantastique / Starved Relations)

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